About Us

Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

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We, at Tava Fry, bring to your plate a fusion of authentic Indian cuisine straight from the streets of Mumbai. Those of you who are aware of it know that nothing compares to the flavors of India, for there is a vitality of its own in them. In addition to vitality, there is also a richness that ensures good health, digestion, and comfort. To ensure that our customers are enriched with an unforgettable experience, our chefs have left no stone unturned to curate a detailed menu for them. They have mastered even the smallest step on the way to the perfect delicacy, be it the fresh ingredients, herbs, or other condiments. Our staff makes sure the ambiance fits the occasion and those who have chosen us get the best of it all.
Also, there is a surprise for you. While dum biryani, pav bhaji, and butter chicken are a few of our specialties, we are also renowned for every other dish on our menu, be it Tava burgers or pieces of bread, rolls, or desserts. So, what are you waiting for? Order online or walk in today to make your special days even more exceptional.

Our Philosophy

Indians have been known to use indigenous spices in their dishes for generations. Spices such as cardamom, ginger, pepper, cumin, and mustard seed are common when curating various dishes.Tava Fry uses these traditional spices in a new and modern way. We are not a traditional Indian restaurant so why would we serve you traditional Indian food? Real Indian Food goes far past Curry and Somosas!

Unique Experience

We serve high quality halal Indian food at reasonable prices in a family atmosphere. Our specially handpicked, seasonal produce and natural ingredients ensure that we serve only the best Bombay Street Food at all times of the year. Tava Fry’s catering service offers an array of our finest dishes representing Indian cuisine with a modern twist. At Tava Fry we serve fresh, tasty and spicy Indian food prepared using fresh herbs and masalas which are roasted and made in-house.